Are you ready to make a difference?

Help yourself by supporting others, making the world a better place, one Peer at a time.

The Therapeer community is comprised of people who are willing and available to help each other to get through life’s challenges.
What is Therapeer?
Everyone faces emotional issues from time to time. Research shows that sharing your experiences with others can be highly therapeutic for both you and the listener.
At Therapeer, we believe in 2 core principles that help dealing with life issues:
  • Help others as a way to help yourself
  • Talking about your issues is a fundamental step in the road to recovery


How does it work?

Participate in several emotional support rooms by being a peer and supporting other community members.

By doing so, it will help you deal with your own challenges in a broader perspective and will make you feel better by knowing you helped others in need.

Already gained the self-gratification of helping others? Go ahead and create your very own support room (or you can open your room immediately!)

After your private support room is opened, a support team, comprised of Therapeer community members, will be assigned to you and will join you to discuss your life challenges. Peers assignment process is based on your personal preferences and the topic being discussed.